Gamifying the Insurance Customer Experience

A winning strategy Cognitive Customer Recommendation design for both agents and customers


Hitachi Asia


Designed 2021


Design Audit

UI Design


Technically-rigid portal experience that was not user-friendly


An end-to-emd seamless redesign focusing on the customers' needs


In late 2021, AIA Sri Lanka held a hackathon challenge to both local and international technology companies and start-ups. It was a chance to win an opportunity to be part of AIA’s Technology, Digital and Analytics (TDA) journey pioneering industry transforming solutions and a cash prize. 

Hitachi eBworx approached UXStudio to redesign their previous insurance prototype to enter the category of “Gamification based Customer Recommendations”.

Due to the customer’s perception of insurance being a complex product purchase, insurance agents play a pivotal role in educating customers about insurance. Facing an agent could be daunting to some customers as this brings up another perception of having to deal with a hard-headed agent who just wants to sell insurance plans to get their commission. 

Enter gamification, a strategy involving the use of game techniques and elements to influence the behaviour of users. Ultimately, gamification boils down to user emotions. How do you motivate users to do a certain task while balancing the business significance and benefit to the user? In the insurance industry, gamification strategies have successfully allowed users to use self-service facilities that require less human interaction, and created more awareness about insurance products.


A gamified experience in viewing insurance

Design Strategy

Hitachi eBworx’s prototype was a scenario of a customer’s retirement journey map. Our mission was to design a delightful, enjoyable and gamified experience of a customer’s insurance retirement journey. 

We started with a design audit with Hitachi eBworx’s prototype UI screens to pinpoint any major usability issues and identified areas of improvement. Using keywords of the behaviours and emotions that we want to evoke from the redesign, and using the concept of a customer going on a journey, we came up with 4 different themes and settled on the theme “fantasy in a city” to depict the playfulness of possibilities of insurance mirroring the urban landscape. The human illustrations were restyled to make it more modern and rounded. The roundedness gives a softer and friendlier look. 

To enhance the gamified experiences, we incorporated several gamification elements:

01    Onboarding

We designed a gentle introduction to show how everything works to help users get used to the application.

02    Progress & Feedback

We made sure that the progress bar is shown if they are part of a longer process.


Moodboard and early expression design for “Fantasy in the City” theme

03    Theme & Narrative

“Fantasy in the City” theme reflects the fun-side of insurance journey.

04   Exploration

Once the users have created their profile, they are led to a Life Simulation dashboard where they can move their timelines to add in various life goals.


Redesign of human illustrations, using rounder shapes for softer and friendlier effect

05    Customisation

The human illustrations of the users are customised at the start to show their family structure, whether they are single or having multiple members in their family.

UI screens redesign to incorporate gamification elements

Design Outcome

This design prototype is the start of the domino effect of two future situations.

The first is that it sets a precedent for another design that won the AIA hackathon. Along with the Hitachi eBworx team, we built on this prototype which rendered us the winner under the Gamification category for implementing an innovative method to identify customers’ long-term savings, protection and health insurance needs and provide interactive recommendations.

Secondly, this design became the starting point for a Digital Advisor Portal MVP where we collaborated together with the Hitachi eBworx team to create an insurance platform for financial advisors.


Winner for AIA Hackthon 2021, gamification category!


A delighful insurance customer recommendation experience

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