An Empathy-Based Approach for a Digital Insurance Experience

An integrated insurance portal for policyholders to have fuss-free navigation so they can live their lives to the fullest.


Great Eastern


Hitachi eBworx


Designed 2015


User Experience

Design Strategy

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Responsive Design


Three different portals of main services which cause confusion among Great Eastern policyholders during navigation


To design an insurance portal that allows policyholders to have a quick overview and better understand their insurance coverage at a glance


There are several main touchpoints for insurance services. From gathering information about insurances to loyalty programs for members to buying or claiming services for policyholders. In Great Eastern Life Assurance, these main services are separately hosted in different websites, causing confusion to the policyholders.

Started back in 1908, Great Eastern Life Assurance Co. Ltd is the oldest and the most established insurance company within Singapore and Malaysia. Great Eastern recognised that a seamless experience of integrating and redesigning all three platforms would help their customers alleviate administrative insurance matters, to allow them to live life to their fullest. 

We collaborated on this project together with Hitachi eBworx, who helped to execute the designs. Hitachi eBworx Sdn Bhd is a regional consulting and technology solutions company, founded in 1998 with a vision to be a leading global financial solutions provider.


Final design for Great Eastern's Unified Insurance Portal

UX Research

For a better understanding of the function of the insurance portals and who  the main target users are, we conducted research: competitive analysis and lead-user interview research. 

We looked into existing insurance portals in the market to see any common patterns and potential opportunities. We also conducted lead-user interviews with 14 Great Eastern customers of various backgrounds and insurance statuses. Using various methods, we were able to gain insight into the needs and wants of users. From the user testing findings, we developed five personas of Great Eastern’s current and potential customers, each with different goals and behaviours.

We focused on three personas who are more likely to use a digitalised insurance portal.

3 main personas who will likely use digitalised insurance portal


Major life stages with relationship to key personas, as well as the user journey map to buying insurance

Design Strategy

With the insights collected and focusing on three most-likely-to-use personas, our design strategy was guided by the following four design principles: convenience, transparency, simplicity and connectivity.

01    Convenience: Everything at a glance

We realised that our primary personas were policyholders of multiple insurance policies who needed a convenient way to manage all their policies at once. 

The main dashboard of the Unified Insurance Portal highlights to the users the areas that are being covered or not. The single page overview allows users to see and manage all their policies. Shortcuts were added to give the users quick access to important pages. This simplicity speeds up the use of the portal.

02    Transparency: Indictaing claims status

The lack of communication and information on the claims process often result in confusion and frustration, thus there was a need to make the process more transparent to the users.

Unified Insurance Portal process of insurance claims submission has an overall status bar highlighting the statuses, with details that informs and updates the users of their claim process. There is also a shortcut to submit new claims on the claim page, allowing for easier and more transparent claims processing. 

03    Simplicity: Streamlining information

There is a rise of younger and tech-savvy generations of insurance holders who are used to navigating digital services and experience through their mobile devices.

Information of Unified Insurance Portal screens are designed to contain only essential information. This way, users not only can save time from sifting through unwanted information, they can also visualise important information quickly.

04    Connectivity: Agent Integration

Participants with multiple policies expressed great trust in their insurance agents to manage their policies’ administrative issues and management. 

Unified Insurance Portal is integrated to bridge the communication between users and their agents. Users can now contact and communicate with their insurance via the online platform.

Design Outcome

Working together with the Great Eastern team, we underwent several iterations of conceptualisation and design of Unified Insurance Portal. The visual design language was consistent with Great Eastern’s branding, ensuring a single unified feel across the portal. This prototype set a precedent for new versions of mobile applications and further development of Great Eastern’s insurance portals.


Responsive design for Unified Insurance Portal

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