A Technology-driven Integrated Health Solution for Insurance

Using wearable technology to provide more holistic healthcare information for personalised insurance.


Great Eastern


Hitachi eBworx


Designed 2015


User Research

UX Design

Design Strategy



Novel way to engage new customers to live greatly through the Great Eastern loyalty program


Using wearable technology to provide engaging, personalised health and wellness data for users


In 2015, there was a prediction of the evolution of wearable technology to help human lives. As people have more commitments and less time to keep fit and stay healthy, wearable technology offers a solution to make staying healthy an easier and more convenient experience.

Since 1906, Great Eastern has prided themselves as a life insurance company which not only provides health and life protection to their customers, but also helps their customers to achieve their intentions of living better, healthier and longer lives. This vision is embedded in their loyalty program, Live Great, which is available to the public for health and wellness information and privileges if they sign up. 

Our collaborator, Hitachi eBworx Sdn Bhd, is a regional consulting and technology solutions company, founded in 1998 with a vision to be a leading global financial solutions provider.  

Hitachi eBworx had the vision of riding on the trend of wearable devices to develop a health application ahead of the launch of the Apple Watch. The client, Great Eastern, was interested in leveraging wearable technology to facilitate brand positioning through emerging technologies. We saw the opportunity in the design spaces of health, insurance and technology, where we could design a strategy of health wearables in health insurance. 


Final design for Live Great mobile health application synced with Apple Watch

User Profiles

We started with user research to look at potential or existing customers of insurance companies. Through lead user interview sessions with 9 participants, we identified several different personas, each with different motivations and goals for using wearable health applications. We also identified the points in their lives when they will most likely use the health applications. 

Together with Hitachi eBworx, we conducted brainstorming sessions with Great Eastern who decided to design a fitness tracking application which helps to monitor the user’s physical activities as well as calorie intake. This decision best fits the vision of the Live Great programme.


Personas categorisation

5 main personas who will likely use wearable health applications

Design Strategy

Focusing on one persona Fitness Junkie, we designed the application as a collective platform for the users to monitor behaviours related to heath. Our user engagement strategy was two-fold: persuasive and emotional engagement. 

01    Gamification: Persuasive Engagement

To make exercising more fun for users, we added game-like aspects to the application, allowing users collect points and unlock fitness levels and rewards. Further promoting the Live Great programme, the wearable health application can be linked to their profiles to compete with friends on leaderboards.

02    Elderly Priority: Emotional Engagement

Aside from the fun and engaging feature that allows the users to take care of their own health, we designed features which allows users to monitor the health of their loved ones, especially the elderly. Users can remind their elderly family members to take their medication through the application, as well as monitor their wellbeing through real-time monitoring of their heartbeat. The application together with the apple watch then also serves as another convenient platform for them to communicate with their loved ones.

UI screen designs for Live Great health application showcasing gamification elements

Design Outcome

The mobile health application acts as a collective platform for the users to monitor behaviours related to health. Using the health metrics collected from the user’s synced Apple Watch, the app is able to collate and display relevant information to the user as well as useful tips and health advice. The app allows them to set fitness goals, and suggests simple exercise regimes to help achieve their goals. Notification can help to prompt and remind users to keep fit and healthy.

The final design is the first version of the Live Great health application, and is a trailblazer for future features and enhancements that are slated to be added in the wearable technology. This groundbreaking wearable health application will allow Great Eastern to leverage on the wearable technology trend to promote their corporate vision and customer intimacy.


Designed for users to montitor the health of their loved ones, especially the elderly

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