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Creation process for complex nonlinear videos causes confusion


Simplify the process of creating an interactive video


Marketers are constantly looking for a way to catch the audience’s attention and with the rapid rise of video content marketing, marketers are keen for novel ways to make their video content stand out. Combining videos with interactivity, where viewers are allowed to make their own choices, ensures higher audience engagement through personalisation. This customisation of content videos promises to be the new trend of digital marketing.

Funded by SPRING Singapore, Infini Videos is a Singapore-based startup that aims to develop a cloud based interactive video platform where users can easily create interactive videos on their computer or on the go. Still in the developmental phase, Infini Videos approached UXStudio to redesign the interface of their interactive video tool. They were looking to make their platform more intuitive and easier for people to use.


Infini Video’s interative video editing dashboard

Design Strategy

Our research phase has three components: heuristic evaluation, competitive analysis and user testing with a prototype. 

We first looked at the Infini’s development phase prototype to evaluate the usability of the interface. We also looked into interactive video creation tools on the market. From the evaluation, we have observed several fundamental issues which may cripple the intuitivity of the platform functions.

Next we conducted user testings with video editors of various backgrounds to find out their needs and receptivity towards interactive videos. In a semi-guided usability testing interview, participants were instructed to complete a set of tasks with the prototype. The findings of the user testing uncovered that there were fundamental problems when using the prototype, such as the linking of videos or even the uploading of media onto the platform. The users were then given the opportunity to construct their ideal platform layouts using a paper prototype. This helps us understand the way the users navigate, or to even identify any common conventions in the layout.

The Infini Videos team anticipated problems with understanding how to create a non-linear interactive video. However, the findings of the user research and testing uncovered that there were more fundamental problems when using the prototype, such as the users not understanding how linking one video to another works, and confusion of simple tasks like uploading media to the Infini platform.


Summary of Heuristic Evaluation and User Testing results

We used three psychological principles for the redesigning of Infini Videos’ platform: Colour psychology, Jakob’s Law and Hick’s Law.

01    Problem Identification: Heuristic Evaluation

Making use of exisiting applciation design, we conducted an internal design audit to better understand the positive and negative elementsof the existing design, giving us further insight into the user experience.

02    Colour Psychology: Setting the Design Direction

For the visual style of the platform, we took into consideration the brand personality; INFINI had to be reliable, approachable and exciting to the users. We also want the content to be friendly and engaging to the users. Thus we aimed for a light and clean look, with high contrast and bright colours. We used gradients to make the design look more dynamic.

03    Jakob’s Law: Making it Familiar

We changed the layout and icons of the interface such that they are more familiar to users. The features are all placed on a single dashboard for greater convenience and ease of use. Features that are similar to video editors such as the playback screen for video were displayed more saliently to encourage familiarity.

04    Hick’s Law: Making it Easier

The cumbersome uploading process was changed to a simple drag and drop onto their project screen. In addition, to speed up the creation of interactive videos, a template feature was added. The template preloads the links such that all the user needs to do is drag videos onto the screen. This helps to save time, and it can serve as a guide for beginners who are new to creating interactive videos.

Clean and easy-to-use design for video editing dashboard

Design Outcome

Our final result is a refined, improved and simplified design rendered in modern and sleek visuals to help Infini Videos gain a foothold into the interactive video market.


Seamless end-to-end video editing

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