A Seamless and Secure Wealth Managment Portal

Creating the RBC/s first private banking app portal


Royal Bank of Canada


Designed 2015


Design Strategy

Visual Design

User Experience Design

User Interface Design


There wasn’t any online platform for RBC’s private banking clients in the Asia Pacific region


Creating an online portal with responsive design for flexible navigation of client’s portfolios


Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), the largest bank in Canada, has established itself as the 13th biggest bank in the world. Having served up to 16 million clients across a diverse business landscape in 40 different countries, RBC pride themselves with values such as integrity and accountability which enables them to remain the first choice of their clients.

To further serve their private banking clients better, RBC has approached UXStudio to design their client online portal for the Asia Pacific Region. It would be an online experience boasting seamless on-boarding with secure access for all their clients. The portal would be a one-stop platform for clients to review all accounts held with RBC, which navigates through different portfolios with ease. They would also be able to review online statements and communicate with their Relationship Managers through the platform. 


RBC's Private Banking Application

Research Method

With that in mind, our first step was to look into the profiling personas of the clientele in RBC, as well as investigating the competitive landscape by conducting trend research. This allowed us to explore new opportunities of design features to be integrated into the platform. 

Through user interviews, we uncovered two personas of distinct customer variants, which allowed us to identify patterns with each of them. This data was important in defining the extent of the designed experience, hence affecting the design decisions with respect to the user behaviours. 

We worked closely with the RBC team for the entire design process. This close-knit collaboration helps to speed up coming up with design solutions and ensuring accurate feedback so that the team wastes no time in sculpting the product.

Design Strategy

Focusing on the user’s needs and goals, our key strategies were to build a responsive design portal and to simplify the user’s experience on the platform.

01    Compatibility: Responsive across all platforms

As the project was slated to release on multiple platforms, we had to make sure that the design works across all platforms – to create a responsive design. We made sure that the layout would look presentable on a desktop’s viewing size, yet at the same time remain functional when it is shrunk down into the mobile format’s size. While considering the functionality on the mobile aspect, consistency in the design had to be maintained across all platforms. This is to ensure that the learning curve is minimised when users transition from one platform to another.

02    Usability: Ensuring convenience and simplicity

RBC wanted a platform where they could have an overview of all their wealth assets at once. Given that a customer may hold multiple accounts and portfolios at once, they may be overwhelmed with information on the dashboard. To ensure convenience but not at the expense of readability and simplicity, only the most critical information about the customer’s wealth assets are displayed on the dashboard.

Wireframes prototype

Design Outcome

The app was launched and the design was handed over to the global team in Canada.


Responsive design for RBC’s Private Banking Application

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